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Grain Elevator

The elevator consists of 48 silos with a total capacity of 300,000 tons. The average height of the silo is 64 meters. The elevator is equipped with an aspiration system, due to which high production cleanliness and environmental friendliness are achieved.

The terminal capacity for export grain transshipment is up to 3 million tons per year and for import grain - up to 5 million tons per year.

The terminal allows loading and unloading the ships, trucks and hopper cars.

The silos are equipped with temperature sensors. This allows monitoring the grain temperature around the entire height of the silo day and night and tracking temperature changes over a certain period of time.

Belt and chain conveyors, as well as vertical chain bucket elevators are used in the terminal. The electronic elevator scales, which are annually verified and calibrated according to the EVS 745:2010 standard are used for weighing grain at the terminal and have METROSERT certificates of conformity - TTLM-09/01414, TTLM-09/01415, TTLM-09/01416, TTLM-11/00294.

Elevator location coordinates: 59°29'28.3"N 24°57'10.7"E. Ice conditions - the port practically doesn't freeze. The average annual air temperature is +6.4°C, the average minimum air temperature is +2.9°C.